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How I Decided on Going to Bermuda

So here I go again. Back in action traveling the world once more. This April 2023, I decided to take a trip to Bermuda since I have not traveled since my birthday trip in September 2022. I wanted to go somewhere, where I could fill up 5 full days and nights; and had to be a short flight (5 hrs max), spend $3,000 or less. (Preferably less of course. lol) I frantically scoured the internet looking for somewhere to be. First was Jamaica, but surprisingly I had trouble filling up 5 days worth of activities. No matter how much I searched, the results had the same 3 activities being advertised over and over, just with different companies. And most were only a quarter day or half day tour. So I still needed to figure out what to do for the 2nd half of the day. But at last, I decided on Turks & Caicos. The flight was less than $300 both ways. So I thought...jackpot. Now I can spend a little more for more activities or a least a nicer hotel for the photo opp. Although,knowing me, I procrastinated and the flight price jumped to $700ish. I still decided to go even though disappointed; but I was having the same issue. The same 4 activities being advertised over and over. Then I settled on Bermuda. It had even less flight time, and still under $3000. And thus, it was the flight time that ultimately got me to pick my next trip to beautiful Bermuda. This will be the only vacation I've even gone on and didn't spend months searching up information and heavily researching the country before., So let's hope my last minute plans don't become the death of me. Updates on this this coming soon.