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I Am Going On A 1 Year Trip Around The World (in 3 years)

Updated: May 25, 2023

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome back to my blog. Ha. I can't believe I have a blog. I always thought blogs were silly. Well, here we are being silly and goofy together. Anyways, let's get to the point. Long story short, about 7 years ago I decided about 2 years ago, I was going to go on a 4 month trip around the world when I turned 30. That was in 2021. I was so excited when I was 25 ,thinking about who I was going to be and what I was going to be doing in 5 years time. But as we all know 2020 came and hit the world hard. Everything and everyone held onto their horses and stood still while dreams died. No only the traveling industry, but tons of people lost their jobs, homes, new businesses & old ones too. It was trying times for us all. But I did not let the cancellation of our new normal stop my dreams of non stop travel. I decided to postpone my 4 month trip and extend it 5-6 years so I can save up, and go on a 1 year trip around the world instead. Especially since I didn't even save up additional money to get tested for covid to enter and leave each and every single country. So that's how I came up with the 1 year trip around the world. Which mind you, I have always aspired to do.

My trip will consist of all 6 continents. (I know there are 7, but I refused to go to Australia. Have you not seen the video with the spider infested park? The entire park is covered in spiders. And sometimes the winds are so strong spiders are falling from the sky. THE...LITERAL...SKY! Nope, nope and nope. Absolutely not.) Anywho. I will first start off my trip in Europe, next Asia, then South America, followed by Antarctica and lastly heading to the motherland Africa to bring it all home. This will definitely be one trip told throughout the ages of my predecessors. I don't think I will be visiting every single country within this year because there are over 200, and I would like to spend more than a day in every country. It will probably be closer to 30-40 different countries. I want to take my time, and appreciate all of these beautiful places and everything they have to offer.

So definitely come back and check frequently on this blog to be the first to hear everything on the updates for this life changing trip; I will be embarking on in a few short years. TTFN! Tah tah for now.

P.S. here is a short YT video I created back in 2018 talking about this very trip. It's crazy how I originally was going to make it a 3 month trip, then changed it to 4 by the time 2020 came around 2020. Funny how things changed so fast.